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[Edit]: Updated with Tuesday's episode
[Edit]: Updated with full theme song and with Wednesday's episode
[Edit]: Updated with Thursday's episode
[Edit]: Updated with Friday's episode and Final Wrap Up

Skip ahead if you don't want to read point of journal lol

Also, be careful on what you comment so people aren't too spoiled by what you've typed if they haven't watched them yet.

Go ahead boys and girls, comment away!

So instead of a bunch of journals for each episode of this second week of Steven Bomb, I'm putting them all together in one journal just like before. Name of episode, day of week it came on, summary of episode, thoughts on it, etc. will be included for each episode. There will be gaps between episodes as to not spoil them all. I just find this better than making a bunch of journals for each episode.

That's right, it's finally out (though I am a few days late on finding out about it).

First off, wow look at little Steven. He's got to be like five to eight years old. Whatever age he is, the house he lives in with the Gems is still under construction. Steven's talent for music started at a very young age though and the song we all know as the show's theme song was made by him when he was little.

This is great to view, not only because the song is great, but just hearing the audience clap along to the beat is just... It really shows how dedicated the fans are. The show came out late 2013, had a month between the first few episodes and the next ones, then really started taking off as amazing cartoon. It almost brings me to tears how great of a show Steven Universe is, all thanks to Rebecca Sugar and the rest of the team who make the episodes.

Here's something interesting though: If you listen closely (or find a video with better audio) to the part where Garnet talks about her duty to Earth, you hear her say it's a place where she's freely able to be a fusion. That sounds like on Homeworld fusion is an improper activity, similar to making out in public on Earth. It's at least fround upon on Homeworld, while on Earth nobody cares if Ruby and Sapphire are fused or not.

The biggest spoiler of the video is the fourth figure with Lapis, Jasper, and Peridot. Most likely the best answer to who it could be is Yellow Diamond. They're the only Gem we know and the way she looks at the Crystal Gems does seem to make them a final/ leader like character. It might be another Gem we don't know of, but my bet is that it's Yellow Diamond. This might be an indication we'll see them soon. It might not be in the flesh, it might be through a transmission, but still, we might see her soon.

Monday: Cry for Help
  So we start with Steven watching Crying Breakfast Friends with Amethyst when the TV goes into static. Then suddenly, after Amethyst tries a few kicks to fix it, the TV shakes and Peridot appears on screen. Peridot begins to relay a message to Yellow Diamond (who was mentioned in The Return as a very high-up Gem on Homeworld), telling of the troubles she has had during and after The Return, including losing Lapis Lazuli and Jasper and being stranded on Earth. With the danger the message has if it were to reach Homeworld, all the Crystal Gems head to the location from the beginning of the episode, Coach Steven.

  At the Communications Hub, Steven suggests that Sugilite is brought back to trash the place once more. However, after the destruction Sugilite brought, Garnet says that that fusion is off limits, especially since the fusion destroyed the teleportation panel to the Hub. Instead, Garnet tells Pearl that they're going to fuse. Pearl starts tearing up when she hears she's going to fuse with Garnet. They then perform a nice dance and become Sardonyx. She immediately goes into a a weird TV host mode, which funnily suits her with her tuxedo like clothes, and entertains Steven with her funny banter. Then she creates a hammer with Pearl's spear and Garnet's fists. The fusion completely and easily disables the communications tower with grace. Amethyst somehow is seems depressed over it all for some reason though.

  This sadness doesn't dissipate while the team is back home at Beach City. When Peridot's message appears on the screen, the four return to the Hug once more and Sardonyx starts to take it apart again. While it's happening though, Amethyst sings a sad song about how she feels useless and feeling she doesn't have much of a role to the team. Steven notices though and decides to have a steakout with Amethyst to see how the tower is getting fixed. After a long wait, the two see Peridot's escape pod heading towards the tower and begins fixing it. Using his telescope, Steven spies Peridot on to the top of the tower. Or so he thinks. They then see that Pearl, using Peridot's escape pod, is actually repairing the tower. Both are confused by this strange occurrence, wondering if their eyes are playing a trick on them.

  Back at home, the TV once more is riddled with static. It then becomes apparent that it was Pearl up there when she tells Steven and Amethyst, in a very peculiar and suspicious manner, that Peridot "fixed" the tower again. The team then heads out to the tower once more to disable it again. However, just as Pearl and Garnet are about to fuse, Amethyst tells Pearl to tell the truth and that she and Steven saw her fixing it. When Pearl confesses, Garnet loses her temper and rages at Pearl on how she was distracting them from the real danger that Peridot can bring. Amethyst tries to defend Pearl, saying that being a fusion makes both Gems feel stronger in a way. Garnet, still pissed off, demands that Amethyst fuse with her into Sugilite. Amethyst is hesitant at first, but Garnet tells her again and they form together. With the two Gems fused into their powerhouse form, they easily trash the tower while Pearl watches in horror and sadness.

  With the tower once and for all disabled, Steven once more watches his show about cry fruits with Amethyst. Pearl's actions are not forgotten though when she returns back the same time at Garnet. They pass each other without a word and with Garnet not even noticing her. The episode ends with Pearl looking in a sad manner and with Steven and Amethyst wishing things could have worked out better.


  This was... holy crap, what an episode to start off this Steven Bomb. It was impacting and what's happened is going to cause some trouble for a while. I can't believe what Pearl did. I thought she was the smart, rational Gem. But now I'm really worried about her. I might be overreacting, but I almost fear she might abandon the Crystal Gems and leave for space or even go to Homeworld. She almost did leave Earth in Space Race after all. Yes, she feels an obligation to protect Rose and Steven, but will that be strong enough to keep her alliance with the Crystal Gems? Only time will tell.

  Let's look at Pearl more closely though. Yes, she's made a blunder, but hasn't everyone? It has been a long time since she got to fuse with Garnet and maybe Sardonyx's personality got the better of them. Gem fusion personalities can leave a lasting effect after all. Maybe the feeling of being Sardonyx with Garnet encouraged her continue her misdeed. Pearl does say that it was fun being Sardonyx after all. However, while the first fusion of Sardonyx was with complete trust in both parties, Pearl was tricking Garnet into fusing the other times. The fusion of Sardonyx was intoxicating to Pearl, like a drug, something she couldn't get enough of. Pearl might have been doing the wrong thing, but her addiction to Sardonyx was clouding her judgement. Hopefully she'll fully understand the consequences of her actions and make up for what she's done.

  Beyond that, the message that Peridot has sent to Homeworld probably has made it thanks to Pearl. What is Homeworld going to do now? How many Gems will come to Earth to fight off Steven and the Gang? Five? Ten? 50? An army? And who is Yellow Diamond? How important is she/he/they (it could be a fusion, though probably not) on Homeworld? Will he/she/they personally come to Earth to find out what's happened and/or go after Steven/ Rose?

  Also, did anyone notice the Nintendo Gamecube. Ah man, it's sad I had to see that right after Iwata's death. If he hadn't died, I would have been super happy to see a reference to gaming history. I know it wasn't intentional to have it there right after Iwata died, but still it hits me right in the feels. I hope he's doing well where ever he is now. 

Tuesday: Keystone Motel

  The events of last episode are still effecting the gang when Pearl teleports in. After stating that she is looking for Peridot, she apologizes to Steven and Garnet about her actions in the previous episode. Garnet however ignores Pearl's apology and continues on her way. Greg walks into the tense situation and announces a road trip to a town nearby named Keystone. Apparently, some person there is selling car wash tools at very low prices, something he needs for his own business. Steven immediately goes along when he hears about free ice, movies, and more at a motel from Greg, along with breakfast at the best diner ever. Garnet surprises everyone though when she says she wishes to come along too and so the threesome leave in Greg's van (though the leaving isn't scene).

  Arriving at the motel, Steven gets comfortable in their room with Garnet. After checking for bedbugs and asking Garnet to hold down the fort, Greg announces he's out, telling Steven jokingly (or maybe seriously) that if he's not back in an hour to call the police. With Steven and Garnet in the room, Steven starts bouncing on the bed. However, Garnet starts talking angrily with herself about what Pearl did and how angry she is with her. The rantings grow so violent that Garnet breaks into Ruby and Sapphire. They then start to argue about Pearl's misdeed and the beauty of fusion ruined by Pearl's actions, with Ruby having a major tantrum and Sapphire being calm and cold about it. The couple continue to argue until Sapphire comments that Ruby is burning the motel carpet. Ruby storms out of the motel room in a rage with a trail of burnt footprint while Sapphire sits calmly on her bed and meditates.

  Steven, wondering what's happening and wanting to swim in the pool, heads over to the water to see Ruby still in her massive rage. Steven tries hard to calm her down to no effect, until, after getting in the pool, he convinces her to join him. However, this does nothing except to turn the pool into a boiling body of water that Steven quickly evacuates. Leaving Ruby to her venting, Steven returns to his room and to a freezing cold that wasn't there before. The source of the cold is Sapphire, who is still in her meditative state. While trying to use TV to ignore the chill, he attempts to get Sapphire to talk to Ruby. This fails though as Sapphire's future vision can predict what Steven says and she is ready for a response, being that Ruby will eventually calm down and come back to her peacefully. Unable to take the cold anymore and needing to take a wizz, Steven hurriedly leaves the room.

  Greg arrives then with pizza and with Sapphire commenting that Steven will not like that the pizza is square. Greg wonders what's happened to have made Ruby and Sapphire split apart. Just as Sapphire predicted, Steven is shocked and upset about the pizza being square as they talk about what happened. Greg responds that people who love each other can argue with each other and comments that hopefully breakfast tomorrow will set everything straight.

  In the morning at the diner, breakfast is served to the Steven, Greg, Ruby, and Sapphire. Ruby's anger from the previous night has not dulled down in the slightest as she rocks the table. Steven and Greg try to enjoy their breakfast still, even while Ruby's wrath conflicts with Sapphire's peaceful and cold nature. Things suddenly break though when Ruby hurls the table in a fit of rage, ruining the entire affair. Having just about enough, Steven throws is breakfast down on the floor and storms out of the diner.

  Concerned for Steven, Ruby and Sapphire rush after Steven. However, Steven rages at the pair for their arguing, saying that he really wanted to enjoy the trip with Garnet and that home back in Beach City everything was awful thanks to everyone feeling angry at Pearl. Shocking the Gems even more, Steven tearfully asks if it's his fault everyone is so down. At this point, Sapphire breaks down, saying that she was ignoring the present by only seeing the future where Ruby has calmed down and they've gotten back together again. Tears pour down the blue Gem's face as she cries and states that it's no wonder it looked like she didn't care what Steven thought.

  Ruby gets into the conversation too, contradiction what Sapphire said and stating it's actually her fault, that her rage blinded her to wanting to solve the problem, stating that she's stupid. Sapphire interjects then, shouting that Ruby is not stupid. After Ruby says she's sorry for what she's done, Sapphire continues on by stating she was upset with the way Pearl used her and Sapphire the way she did. However, she was trying to cover it up so she, Ruby, and the rest of the Gems would get over the incident.

  After that statement, Ruby comments that there is a bright side to not being fused: She gets to see Sapphire with her own eyes. At this point, Sapphire giggles and the two begin a loving make up, with Ruby calling Sapphire pet names like "Laughy Sapphy". This causes Sapphire to blush and state not to say such things in front of Steven. They continue their make up though, with Ruby passionately and teasingly kissing Sapphire. Steven puts an arm over his eyes so he can't see and falls to the grass. At this point, Greg arrives on the scene, stating he paid for breakfast and the broken booth. With his task done, he states that it's time to head back home to Beach City. However, Garnet returns and states they need to get their free ice before they head home, much to Steven's delight.

  Back in Beach City, the party is back to see things are still tense between Gems. Pearl, still nervous about Garnet, shyly greets everyone's return. Garnet states "Not now" after Pearl asks her how it went, showing that things are still rough between the two Gems, but it's better than it was before the trip. The episode ends with Steven asking if they can go to the motel again and with Greg stating maybe another time and maybe another diner.


  With the episode, the tension between Gems went higher than ever. If I was shocked by last episode, this one flabbergasts me. Thinking things over though, it seems pretty obvious that Ruby and Sapphire would soon appear. I had a discussion with Ask-TheRubbermaiden / DJHyena12, with her stating that Garnet would feel used after Pearl tricked her into fusing into Sardonyx. We were correct in our discussion, with us finding that the two Gems were at odds with each other over Pearl's wrongdoing, though still agreeing that they felt used by Pearl.

  We got to learn quite a bit about the two small Gems in this episode. Of course Ruby is the essence of rage, so she has burning powers and her gauntlet(s?) to fight, while Sapphire is the essence of ice, with her peaceful, yet cold personality. Sapphire still has her future vision, befitting her calm nature, while Ruby is the powerhouse of the pair. The two together make a good blend of brain and brawn. It's no wonder Garnet is (currently) the most powerful Gem of the Crystal Gems.

  Stepping into their relationship more though, Ruby and Sapphire really are opposites of each other. The saying "Opposites attract," super applies to them. It makes me wonder how the two got together in the first place and how their bond grew so strong. Even so though, relationships aren't all calm streams; there are rough parts in the path and couples can have arguments over sensitive subjects and faults of character can be bothersome. Fusion is a sensitive subject to Sapphire and Ruby/ Garnet. We've seen it before in Keep it Together and we've seen in again in this and the previous episode of Steven Universe. Sometimes a third part needs to step in to fix the situation, which in many cases, including this episode, is Steven.

  Time heals all wounds. It's going to take quite some time for Garnet to get over Pearl's mistake, but it'll happen. However, the consequences might be severe. We'll see...

Laughy Sapphy~
I'm laughing so much at that xDDD

Wednesday: Onion Friend

  Steven beings the episode with making an afternoon sandwich using a toasted bagel, an egg, meat, and sour cream. Just as he's about to eat it though, he realizes it needs something else. While he thinks over what it needs, Amethyst comes in, depressed and sulky. She crashes on the couch, being not very responsive to Steven's inquires. At this point, Steven realizes what he needs and goes for the final ingredient. However, as he opens the cabinet, he discovers Onion holding the last ingredient.

  Discovered, Onion makes a break for it with the last item for Steven's sandwich. Steven blocks the door out, but Onion jumps through the screen, infuriating Steven. They go through a long chase until Onion leads Steven into a curtain garage. In the garage, Steven is shocked to find a ton of paintings of Amethyst. Wondering what's going on, he brings the Gem to inspect the paintings. While wondering why Onion has such a strange obsession of Amethyst, a sudden noise distracts the pair. Suddenly the curtain behind them is pulled back and woman holding a shotgun steps out. Next second though Amethyst recognizes the woman as Vidalia, the woman that had previously "hung out" with Marty when he and Greg first came to Beach City. Amethyst and Vidalia hug while Steven watches in shock.
  Reunited, both comment on each other's looks, both jokingly calling each other "terrible". Apparently Amethyst and Vidalia met each other through Greg, though Amethyst comments that Vidalia is cooler than Greg. Seeing Steven, Vidalia comments that he looks just like Greg used to when he was younger and super hot. They snigger then and Steven, weirded out by this, asks about the origin of the Amethyst paintings. Vidalia comments that some are old and some are new and also that Amethyst. Amethyst then shows off her modeling skills to Vidalia and Vidalia hands Steven a photo. It shows Vidalia and Amethyst at around the time of younger Greg, with Amethyst getting her hair curled to looked like Rose's hair by Vidalia.
  At this point, Onion walks in as Amethyst and Vidalia talk about not being able to see each other because of "kids" (in Amethyst's case, her joking about raising Steven). Steven then understands that Onion is Vidalia's son. Vidalia confirms this for him, adding on that Onion loves talking about him. Onion whispers something in his mom's ear and his mom relays to Steven and Amethyst that Onion wants them to stay for dinner. Steven, still shaky about Onion, is about to say they should go, but Amethyst immediate takes up the offer before Steven can say a single word, reminding Steven that Onion is his "friend".

  At dinner, everyone, including Steven, Amethyst, Vidalia, Sour Cream, and Onion, is enjoying their meal while Amethyst and Vidalia talk. Amethyst asks about what has happened to Marty (or as she calls him "Farty Marty"). In response, Vidalia bursts into laughter, stating she has no idea where he is and not caring what's happened to him. Vidalia then comments that she and Yellowtail have been living together and are currently married, proving so with the gold ring on her hand. As the two friends continue to talk, Steven tries to get Sour Cream's attention, with no success. With that route gone, Steven watches Sour Cream make a mashed potato head of himself. The joy of seeing a potato version of himself quickly leaves Steven as Onion gives the back of it a long lick and drops the licked up food onto the table.

  When dinner ends, Vidalia washes the dishes and asks Amethyst about her life, since her Gem friend has learned all about her's. Amethyst tries to avoid talking about the Crystal Gems though because of the trouble that has happened recently. Steven then announces it's time to go, but Amethyst butts that down, stating that there's nothing to do at home and that her time with Vidalia is just getting started. Onion speaks up at this point and his mom, able to understand his weird talk, tells Steven that Onion wants to show him around the house.

  This invitation by Onion really gets Steven frightened. Steven is really scared of being alone with Onion, considering what Onion has done with the past. While trying to figure out what's going on, the lights flash dimmer. Vidalia tells Steven that it's because Sour Cream is using up the house's electricity through his DJing. At this point, Vidalia announces that Onion is ready when he squishes the model of Steven's head into globs of mash potatos. Steven, realizing there's nothing he can do, goes along with Onion.

  Up in Onion's room, Steven is still concerned about being around the troublemaker, wonders what Onion is doing just bouncing on the bed. As he watches, a little white mouse skitters up to him. Picking it up, he asks Onion if it's his pet. He finds out it's not when he is introduced to Onion's pet snake. Things get even more frightening for him when Onion asks him (non-verbally) to feed the snake the mouse. Of course Steven do such a thing and hands Onion the little mouse.

  In response to not feeding his pet, Onion heads over to the television and puts in a video. Steven expects to a cartoon or fun video of sorts, but instead it's a video of Onion's birth at the hospital (not shown of course, but Steven gives cues to it being Onion's birth and also Vidalia's voice is heard letting Onion out). Steven can hardly take any more of it, so when Onion pulls back a poster to show an open vent, Steven decides to bail on Onion and leave for home.

  Close to the bottom of the stairs however, Steven hears Amethyst and Vidalia discussion on the Crystal Gems and about the recent trouble Pearl caused. Vidalia relates to Amethyst's dilemma, bantering on how Yellowtail and Sour Cream are at each other's throats while at home and how that drives her nuts. At those stressful times, Vidalia informs Amethyst that she thinks about her and how she can just "roll with it". This piece of information shocks Amethyst, with her rebutting that Vidalia was the laid-back, cool one while Amethyst was "the dumb sponge following you around". Vidalia continues with her prompting, stating that nothing scared Amethyst back then and how she wanted to be like the Crystal Gem herself. Still going on, Vidalia informs Amethyst that she's the reason she started painting again. Hearing Vidalia talk about how it's so good that "the boys" are together so they can catch up and how important this catch up is for Amethyst, Steven realizes that it's more important for Amethyst to talk with her old friend and him to stay with Onion than for them to leave then and there.

  Heading back into Onion's room, Steven announces to the boy that he's going to go with Onion, no matter how creepy it might get. They both then enter the vent, with Onion racing ahead due to his small size. It gets darker and darker as Steven goes further into the vent until it's pitch. At this point, Onion turns on the lights to reveal they are both in a small, square room with a small chest in the middle. Steven, apprehensive of what's in it, approaches it slowly as Onion opens it. Inside the chest is not something gruesome or creepy, but a massive collection of GUYS, collectible toys in Beach City that come in small dispenser capsules (which were introduced in Onion Trade. As Onion shows them to Steven, Steven marvels at how rare some of the GUYS are, including some female figures that are really rare. One specific one, Explorer Gal, catches his attention and Onion hands it to him. Steven, thinking he's only allowed to look at it, tries to hand it back, but Onion shakes his head and pushes it back to Steven. This sudden gift surprises Steven as he thanks Onion for the rare present.

  Outside the house, Amethyst, Steven, Vidalia, and Onion all stand together. Amethyst's thanks Vidalia for dinner and for the talk and Vidalia thanks her for stopping by. Amethyst then invites Vidalia and Onion to come by the temple so they can hang out. At this, Vidalia accepts the offer, asking Steven if he's up for another round with Onion. Steven smiles at Onion and Onion smiles back. That is until Onion opens his mouth to reveal the white mouse that was in his room and lets it jump out. Creeping Steven out more, he comments nervously that he's ready.  


  This episode has changed my thoughts on Onion a lot. I originally thought he was a bad egg from Marty having his one-nighter with Vidalia and leaving her pregnant. That still might apply to Sour Cream though since Sour Cream is much older that Onion. It was a wrong prediction though to think Onion came from Marty, so maybe Onion's not that bad of a kid. Maybe it's more that he's... weird and confusing. Or maybe Onion just needs a good friend, something that Steven do.

  I'm really happy I didn't get to see Marty in this episode and felt even better to hear that Vidalia does not hold Marty in high respects. However, Vidalia seems to be having a hard life. That's understandable with her rebellious son, Sour Cream, and her trouble making child, Onion. The lines on her face show it's stressful being on her own a lot and having to handle two children while her husband is out fishing. It's no wonder being with Amethyst cheered her up so much. I really want to know more about Greg's past and how much Vidalia got involved with Greg and Crystal Gems after Greg ditched Marty (good riddance).

  When you see Vidalia put up the photo she showed Steven, you can see another set of photos of her and Amethyst in a photobooth, with Amethyst (from what I can see) turning into an old Marty while holding an "L" to their forehead. That made me laugh so much.

Thursday: Historical Friction

  The episode begins with Jamie coming to deliver the mail to Steven, along with a special piece of news: He is putting on a local play. Steven volunteers to be an actor in the play with Jamie, to which Jamie gratefully accepts his offer. At the stage, Jamie informs Steven more about the play. He was commissioned to do it by Mayor Dewey and it was written by the mayor as well. Mayor Dewey comes in then and talks more about how great the play is and what it is about: William Dewey, the founder of Beach City. Jamie and Steven begin to rehearse the play, which becomes a still slide show of cartoon images. As the story goes, William Dewey becomes more and more fictional, eventually becoming a 50 foot giant who carries his ship to shore. When the rehearsal ends, Jamie expresses his concern over the play, saying it doesn't feel real and that William Dewey needs to struggle. However, the mayor states that William Dewey could do everything right on the first time and that the play will not change.

  After the mayor leaves, Jamie express his worry to Steven, explaining how a good character has to have flaws that effect them and that they have to triumph over. The current version of the play that they have been given is nothing short of a disaster, but it can't be changed because with the play being funded completely by the mayor, one small change can spell the end of Jamie's dream of being an actor.

  After Jamie's talk on how much of a failure the play is, Steven heads back to the Temple. Upon entering, he notices Pearl, still down about incident in Cry for Help. Interrupting her downs, Steven informs Pearl of the play, to which Pearl gladly assists him in telling the true story. Before she does though, Pearl comments how she wishes she could be perfect, just like the fictional William Dewey. Steven then gives similar advice to what Jamie says about everyone having flaws and that while everyone makes mistakes, they can also make strives to improve themselves and that's what makes them good, memorable people. Those words bring Pearl a warm smile, along with a confidence boost.

  Returning with the revised script, Jamie is awestruck by how much better the story is now. However, with the mayor's demand to not change the play, Jamie is hesitant to use the revised script. Steven convinces him to though by repeating the words of advice Jamie had spoken of about what makes a good character. There still is an issue though of props, roles, and time to practice for the play. Jamie solves this though by deciding to play all the roles other than William Dewey (which Steven will play) and to quickly compile all the props needed.

  Later on the next evening, the residents of Beach City come to watch the play. Mayor Dewey tries to charm Pearl when she comes, saying he wrote the play. Pearl responds with silence and moving to the back row of chairs. Backstage, Steven and Jamie prep themselves for the show. Jamie is nervous, scared that it might be his first and last performance due to the changes made. However, the show must go on and they ready themselves for the performance.

  The play official begins with the curtains pulled back and with Steven, as William Dewey, and Jamie, as his first mate, "sailing" a ship. Jamie starts the show by pleading with Steven how long until they reach land. Steven responds by saying that they'll hit land sooner or later, that the ocean couldn't be that big. At this point, Pearl breaks the fourth wall, calling out to Steven and expressing her love of his talent. Steven doesn't break character, though smiles in appreciation of Pearl's compliment. Continuing the story, Steven expresses himself, as William, how back home (in probably Europe) people used to call him, "Dewey the Duts", that he couldn't find solid land if he was standing on it. At that joke, the audience erupts into laughter. All except Mayor Dewey, who's rather crestfallen at hearing Steven's words.

  Steven then expresses gloom that he and his mate might never find land. However, Jamie declares he sees "a light", then switches his voice as shadows of the Crystal Gems (all except Rose Quartz) appear on the stage left wall. Seeing this sudden insertion, Mayor Dewey panics more, frightened what Jamie has done was not in the play budget. The play continues though, with Jamie switching roles to Pearl and then Garnet (while using a mop with a gem on it for Amethyst). The Gems tell William Dewey to turn back, that it's a dangerous land they are heading towards. Eventually, William (A.K.A. Steven) relents and decides to return home. However, while turning the sail, it breaks off from the ship and Steven curses his lack of skills. Mayor Dewey sinks in his chair even more at this mocking of his ancestor, with his son commenting that their ancestor was lame.

  The play goes through a small pause then returns to the ship, with Jamie stating the waves are way more powerful than they last were. The "storm" gets worse, with Steven getting drenched with a bucket of water. Suddenly, Jamie points towards the audience and Steven, after getting reminded by Jamie, flips up a wooden tentacle. Jamie jumps onto it, stating that he has been grabbed and taken away. Before Jamie leaves the stage, he tells Steven to never give up, that he can do it and succeed because he never stops trying, even when he fails. A dark figure of a sea monster appears on the back stage wall, apparently being a monster that William had faced long ago. However, another figure appears, that of a Gem (most likely Alexandrite). The figure of the monster disappears as they "do battle" and the Gem gets closer to the boat. Steven then prays for a miracle, to which the giant gem pushes him to shore.

  Now on safe, dry land, Steven thanks the giant woman for her good deed. However, the woman (voiced by Jamie) declares the land that Steven is on to be dangerous. Steven doesn't care though, stating that he, as William Dewey, does not give up in the face of failure, and that's what makes him great. The giant woman leaves him then and Steven declares that the location was to be named after his first mate. However, Jamie returns back on the stage, to which Steven announces the name of the place will instead be Beach City. The play then ends with a banner falling down with "Dewey for Mayor" on it and with both actors taking a bow.

  With the play over with, the audience applauds loudly while the Mayor is surprised at the positive feedback the play received. The scene skips over to Jamie, who is happily signing autographs for the people of Beach City. Dewey comes in then and applauds Jamie for his efforts, proclaiming that Jamie can now have his own local theater to perform more plays (if the budget allows him). At this news, Jamie's excitement goes into overload, but he quickly resumes calm and thanks the mayor. Steven gives Pearl her credit in the play, with Pearl admitting she's a Gem of many talents, including knowledge. Dewey thanks Pearl for her efforts, with her commenting it's not problem to help out a friend. After Dewey leaves, Pearl ponders why there was a banner at the end. Steven answers her quandary by stating you got to end with a joke, which ends the episode.


  First I would like to say I don't like Mayor Dewey. He's a weaker leader, unlike Garnet or Steven, who's constantly worried that people will stop caring for him and remove him from his position of power. This lack of self confidence leads him to creating a larger-than-life version of his ancestor instead of telling the truth. However, sometimes it's better to be honest and admit your faults than to hide them in a fake mask of strength. Dewey probably won't change his ways because he's too focused on himself to really change, plus it would remove his character appeal as a bumbling buffoon.

  The talk on faults of character was something that Pearl gets to know better in this episode. As I have stated already in this journal, yes, she made a big error and pissed of Garnet (something that has been rarely seen in the series). Even so though, she's still a good person at heart, is a talented Gem, and has her own flaws like everyone else. Maybe with this reminder she can seriously make things up to the rest of the team. I feel Steven's words of advice have given her at least a small confidence boost.

  I really loved Jamie in this episode. Having done several plays myself, I can recognize thespian talent. Jamie has got it, with him desiring to put on a beautiful performance and with him being able to create so many props and set designs in just under a day. He went against what was told, took a gamble, and it paid off (of course, I mean Dewey's version was atrocious). That's real talent right there and I think Jamie is on the right path to becoming a famous actor.

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Friday: Friend Ship
    Peridot begins the episode, cleaning rubble from the warp pad zone. However, her clean-up is interrupted by the Crystal Gems arriving through the warp and Pearl announcing she was right. Confused on how they found her so easily, Peridot asks how they discovered her. Steven answers her by telling her they'll never tell "even if sheasks nicely". Garnet is about to announce their intentions to Peridot, but Pearl interrupts, declaring that she'll never get away. The irritated Peridot demands then if the Crystal Gems had better things to do than track her down, to which Amethyst proudly answers, "Nope." Pearl interrupts Amethyst's speech though as Peridot reveals her weapon: A blaster made from her non-attached fingers.

    Firing a laser, Peridot breaks a stone column above the Gems. It's only with Steven's shield that the Gems escape getting smashed by bugs. Pearl rushes forward at Peridot, to which the enemy responds by trapping her in a sphere of energy and flinging her back. Pearl knocks into Steven, disrupting the shield, and Garnet catches the fallen piece of Amethyst heads into the fight as a ball of spiky hair. Peridot dodges the charge, using her strange fingers to handstand walk away. Reaching a warp pad, the rouge Gem finds out to be disabled, much to her annoyance. At this point, Steven conjures up his shield once more and throws it at her, scoring a direct hit on the face. Garnet follows up by tossing the chuck of rock to Amethyst who, using her whip, brings it crashing down on Peridot. The technician is sent flying into the air, to which Pearl and Garnet respond, ready to catch her. Things do not go as planned though as both Gems bump into and fall over each other, just missing their chance to snatch their target. Pearl responds with plenty of apologies to Garnet and Peridot reaches an active warp pad. Making a rude remark to the Crystal Gem, Peridot ends the battle by warping away from the Gems.

    After their failure at capturing Peridot, the team returns home to the Temple. Though the mission to capture Peridot was a failure, Pearl explains that there's still a good note to be said, as they're now able to track down Peridot; using Peridot's escape pod, they can monitor which warp pads have activated, knowing that Peridot has to be the one using them. As she Pearl finishes her explanation, she announces that once the enemy Gem is caught, they can move on with their lives, thinking that the past will be forgotten on Pearl's recent error. Garnet says nothing to this, causing an uncomfortable silence that Amethyst breaks. Suddenly, Peridot activates a warp pad, notifying the Crystal Gems of her location. Pearl, using her hologram powers, projects a map of the globe, indicating that the rouge Gem is somewhere in Africa. Full of confidence once more, Pearl heads to the warp pad, followed by Garnet. Steven comments that Pearl is at least optimistic, though Amethyst counters him, saying that it doesn't matter what Pearl does it's not going to fix what happened.

    Warping to the location, the Crystal Gems are presented with a destroyed space craft. Pearl seems full of glee, saying that Peridot must be cornered if she's sneaked into the ship. Steven is about to ask what it is and the words are half-way out of his mouth when Pearl once again interrupts. The space craft was originally a Gem space ship, used to move Gems to Earth before the warp system was made. The Gem tech is so old that trying to reactive the ship and leave would be impossible, even for a technician like Peridot. Garnet chimes in, saying they have to focus on Peridot. Pearl interrupts Garnet though, racing ahead to find their target with the rest of the Crystal Gems following.

    Inside the ship, the gang immediately are presented with a holo image of Peridot, who mocks them openly. Pearl response with a insult and adds that Peridot won't possibly be able to fly the ship. However, Peridot doesn't hear the talk and asks them to use the "microphone". Steven repeats what Pearl says using the microphone and upon properly hearing the response Peridot laughs, saying that she's not going to fly the ship. Instead, the rouge Gem is using the ship to trap the group, to which the door that lead the Crystal Gem loudly snaps shut. Peridot fantasizes then about not having to deal with the Crystal Gems chasing her anymore and wrecking her stuff. Amethyst butts in, but Peridot interrupts her, declaring the Gem's doom with the press of a button.

    Nothing happens however and Peridot, disgruntled, presses another button. This time though the ship's turrets activate, firing lasers all about the room. Steven, thinking fast, erects a shield above him, creating a protective umbrella to the lasers. The rest of the team joins him and they escape the chaos under the shield. When out of danger, Steven drops the shield and falls to the ground, exhausted after using his third shield in a single day. The small break is interrupted as a spike juts out of the floor right in front of Steven. Immediately the Crystal Gems move on, dodging the sudden spikes as Peridot's voice fills the passage. Once free of the trap, the gang sees a hologram of Peridot. Pearl, thinking it's the real one, rushes forward, much to Garnet's annoyance. Of course Pearl's blow achieves nothing but more mocking from Peridot. Still the Gem attacks the illusion, with the other three watching in shock, and in Garnet's case frustration.

    Garnet comes in then and tells Pearl to stop, saying it's not helping at all. At this, Pearl does, though remarks that she feels she has to do something to fix this, especially since she was the one who lead the team into Peridot's trap. Suddenly the room begins to shake and the floor below the Crystal Gems collapses into a pit. Amethyst, thinking fast, uses her whips to catch Steven and grab a branch above. Garnet and Pearl aren't so lucky though, as they've fallen into the bottom of the pit with no way to escape. Free to help their friends, the two wonder what they can do to help. However, upon hearing and seeing what Garnet and Pearl are doing in the pit, they stop and watch the two trapped Gems talk.

    Pearl first states that she feels at fault for not just leading the team into the ship, but also for before with the Communication Hub. Continuing, Pearl tells Garnet of how she wants to catch Peridot to return things to the way they were, to which Garnet replies that things will never return to the way they were. Steven and Amethyst are happy to hear their two friend converse and break their walls of silence. Their joys are short lived though as the gears above them begin to turn the walls of the pit begin to move closer together. With this new crushing trap in effect, Garnet and Pearl push against the walls in attempts to slow down and halt the process. As they do, Pearl pleads to Garnet, wanting to know what she can do to make up for her mistake. There is nothing to Garnet though that can fix what Pearl did, stating that Pearl needs to understand the consequences of her actions. Pearl continues on, stating she couldn't help herself when it came to fusing with Garnet. The other Gem rejects her excuses however, but Pearl continues on by stating that no matter how she feels she'll always be "just a Pearl", that she cannot do things on her own and needs a leader to follow.

    Suddenly, the crushing walls stop their movement inwards. Up above, Amethyst and Steven are using Amethyst's whip to hold the gears in place, preventing them from turning any more. With this pause, Pearl explains that she desires what Garnet feels, to be perfect, strong, and in balance. That is the reason why she loves to fuse with Garnet and form Sardonyx. Garnet corrects Pearl at this, telling of the incident at the Keystone Motel where she separated into Ruby and Sapphire, shocking Pearl and Amethyst. She tells Pearl that she does have weakness like everyone else, but tries to not let them consume her because she has an important role to fill and people count on her. Continuing on, Garnet informs Pearl that she looks up to her at times too, stating that Pearl, unlike her, is one Gem and so is capable of making her own destiny. Not Garnet, not Rose, not Steven, but her and her alone.

    At this point Amethyst's whip snaps and gears resume their turning. With the crushing walls almost done with their job, Garnet announces that there's only one way to escape. Pearl nods, knowing that it's a fusion into Sardonyx, but states that she'll only do it if Garnet is okay with it. As this is happening, Steven and Amethyst panic, freaking out on what they can do to help. However, Sardonyx drills her way upwards towards them, turning her drill back into her signature hammer before separating into Garnet and Pearl.

    With the Garnet and Pearl free from the trap, Peridot is at her wits end trying to finish them, cursing the ship's ancient Gem tech. Suddenly the door to the control room is broken down and the Crystal Gems jump in for the capture. Peridot, pointing her hand blaster at the Gems, announces that this isn't the end, but the beginning. Of her escape. With this, instead of shooting at the Gems, she fires upwards, creating an hole in the ship and an escape. Activating her Peri-copter mode, she begins to flee, making a few remarks at how stupid the Crystal Gems are.

    However, her escape is halted by Steven, who has a hold on her foot. Soon Amethyst joins in and then Pearl, with Garnet on the ground holding the chain of Crystal Gems. Peridot fights hard to break Steven's grip, but Steven holds on hard, even biting Peridot's hard foot in protest. Having just about enough though, Peridot does something surprising: Pressing down on her held foot, she detaches it and therefore frees herself from Steven. Now able to make a proper escape, Peridot swears vengeance against the Crystal Gems for causing her to ditch one of her body parts as she flies away.

    The failure at capturing Peridot does not depress the team. Pearl, returning to her old self, declares that they'll eventually get her. Garnet agrees with a smile and they, along with Steven, burst into laughter at foot joke Garnet makes. Amethyst, watching the three laugh, falls onto her back and sighs, stating that it's finally normal again as the episode ends.


    Alright. First thing I need to do is express my emotions as a GIF:

    This episode wrapped up the whole week nicely. Not only that, but everything is, somewhat, back to normal. As Amethyst and Garnet have said, things will never return to the way they were. However, we can move on, forget and past, and repair friendships, which was exactly what happened in this episode.

    Not only that, but the "Multi-Gem" theory is now (most likely) correct. This means all you people who have made Gems that have been named in the show can rejoice! The way Pearl stated that she was "a Pearl" indicates that there might be more than one Pearl out there. They might not all be the same as the one we know and love, they might be evil, servant-like, or just soldiers blindly following orders. However, they most likely would share the similar attributes our Pearl knows, such as being a strong follower and dedicated to a cause.

    Peridot is probably the most interesting thing to me at the moment. We've not seen any other Gem do such a thing like detach a body part in order to escape. Will Peridot be able to grow another leg back? Probably not, but maybe her Robonoids can morph into a temporary foot or crutch of sorts so she can remain mobile. Not only that, but we've finally seen her weapon, which is much more high tech than other weapons we've seen, but still fitting with her theme of technology. With the Crystal Gems able to easily track her down, it'll only be a matter of time until she's eventually caught.

    I was hoping this episode was going to end with Peridot becoming more friendly with the Crystal Gems, or better yet her abandoning her Homeworld alliance to fight with the Crystal Gems. I was hoping too much, but maybe that possibility might not be so far-fetched. We don't know if Homeworld is going to go and rescue her or not. Maybe, when she receives a message back, it'll be one that states that they don't need someone who makes blunders or that she's stuck there and they don't care. If such a probability were to happen, she'd probably be destressed and alone, to which Steven can bring her in to the side of Earth. Despite the danger she presents, Steven still has shown kindness to Peridot. That kindness might be the key to changing her allegiance.

Overall Wrap Up

    This whole week of Steven Universe revolves around the first episode and Pearl's blunder. It was a dramatic way to start the week and its impact has effected all the Crystal Gems. Each of them had to deal with and accept what happened, just like many of us have to do when one of our friends make a big mistake. As I've said before, time heals all wounds. The wound isn't fully closed and it'll never be fully healed, but the worst is over and everyone's friends.

    Well except Peridot. She's still up to mischief maybe. After the encounter at the Kindergarten, we don't know what she's been doing except keeping herself away from the Crystal Gems. She does say that the Earth's days are numbered, signalling that Homeworld might soon come for her and attack the planet. That's what she's hoping right now, but might not end the way she hopes. Hopefully Homeworld won't get there soon. I'm hoping beyond hope that Peridot changes sides and Lapis joins the Crystal Gems as well. Right now, the future is foggy and we don't know what it'll bring.

    So until next time:
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